Goanna Grub

Goanna Grub

SKU: GG500

A perfect alternative to feeding your monitors whole prey items or raw meats.

A precisley measured blend minced chicken frames, oats, egg and supplement it is then cooked to help retain the shape when feeding and aiding digestion.

The pack size has 6 portions.

  • Additional Information

    Defrost to room temperature before feeding.

    Reptile Eats recommends that the occasional whole prey items and raw meats still be used to ensure a healthy balance is maintained.

  • Ingredients

    Minced chicken frames gives calcium, fat, protien and other vitamins minerals.

    Oats provides fibre, carbohydrate, protien, fats and other vitamins and minerals.  Oats are used as a binding agent and to simulate the gut contents of whole prey items.

    Eggs contain protien, fats and other vitamins and minerals.  Eggs are used as binding agent.

    Supplement is to ensure that all essential vitamins and minerals are included for health.