A fresh new way to feed your reptiles.

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What are “Reptile Eats”?

Here at RESTA we have been crafting food for our reptiles for a number of years as we were unsatisfied with the quality, pricing, ingredients and selections available for purchase.

Due to client and customer requests to make our recipes for retail sale as they are also unsatisfied with the current offerings, we have refined our recipes and conducted extensive trials on a control group of our reptiles who have had no health issues.  Now Reptile Eats blends can be offered to you for purchase.

“Reptile Eats” has options for lizards, turtles and snakes.  All options are also suitable for monitors.

“Reptile Eats” are 99.9% natural - only a supplement is added to the snake food, the vegetables are seasonal and sourced from Australian producers.  Turtle Tid-Bitz and Lizard Lumps are raw and frozen, Snake Snags are poached and frozen (cooking helps the product retain its shape during feeding and helps digestion).

“Reptile Eats” are handcrafted in our purpose built premises, they are not made in a factory or processing plant.

RESTA Reptile Eats recommends that snakes are still fed the occasional rat or mouse to ensure that a healthy balance is maintained.